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Craig Group, Marketing Strategist

It was a social research class at UT Austin that sparked Debbie Weinstein’s interest in marketing research and consumer insights. 

“We had to work on a research project that involved interviewing people on campus and analyzing the results,” she said. “I enjoyed the process of understanding why people make certain choices and how their behaviors are influenced.”

After graduation, Weinstein produced a syndicated report focused on media watching behaviors and demographic data, called The Media Audit. As a project manager, Weinstein was responsible for overseeing the entire research process, managing data collection and analysis, and presenting findings to clients.

From there, she served as an account manager at the NPD Group with clients such as Exxon-Mobil, Conoco and Coca-Cola, who she assisted with research related to their presence in the convenience store market. This led to an opportunity with the Nielsen Corporation, where she provided market research support to Coca-Cola owned Minute Maid, and worked closely with various departments, analyzing data, and providing valuable insights.

“For me, data analysis is the tool to uncover the ‘why’ behind consumer behavior,” Debbie said. “I’m an analytical person, and I enjoy grasping the bigger picture while also paying attention to the finer details. My research background honed my ability to handle data, but my primary interest lies in understanding consumer motivations and decision-making processes.”

Weinstein’s diverse range of experiences in the market research field helped her when she started her own marketing company, offering website development, copywriting, email marketing, and social media management to small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

“Working with entrepreneurs was appealing to me because I saw the potential in helping them grow,” she said. “It was a win-win situation where I could directly contribute to their success while building my own business.”

Just as Craig Group likes to say it is industry agnostic, Weinstein has applied her skills across a number of industries, including real estate and healthcare. 

Weinstein worked as a marketing director for Tandem Hospital Partners, a company that specialized in building micro hospitals for healthcare systems where she collaborated with hospital marketing teams, assisting with branding, go-to-market campaigns, and website development. She served in a similar capacity at US Med-Equip, Inc., a medical equipment leasing company, where she played a crucial role in sourcing and providing essential medical equipment to hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At Craig Group, Weinstein’s role as a Marketing Strategist offers a new opportunity to use her multidisciplinary experience in handling complex and data-driven projects. Her ability to blend analytical skills with strategic thinking enables her to craft effective marketing strategies for clients.

“It’s a good mix of being able to still be hands-on with data and analysis and also having that client interaction,” she said. “I work out the high level strategy with the client and then implement it throughout the engagement.”

Weinstein currently works with FV Recycling and Company of Merchants, who recently won one of Association for Corporate Growth (ACG)’s Houston Chapter Deal of the Year awards for the acquisition of three Texas-based metal recycling companies, rebranded and operating under C&D Scrap Metal. Her role there includes all aspects of their marketing, from branding and website development to traditional and digital advertising. 

“I believe everything is interconnected, whether it’s sales, marketing, or IT,” she said. “I’ve always worked hard to build relationships with leaders across different departments, ensuring that we collaborate towards a shared goal.”

This also holds true at Craig Group where Weinstein works closely with leadership, communicating marketing strategies and aligning them with business objectives, using all available technology and tools. 

“Marketing has gained recognition as a vital function, whereas in the past, it was sometimes seen as the first department to be cut,” Weinstein said. “Nowadays, people understand that it’s an integral part of the whole.”

Outside of work, Debbie values maintaining a healthy work-life balance. That means plenty of time with her two teenage children, one starting high school in the fall and the oldest off to college. She likes to exercise and walks her rescue dog Miley regularly. She also enjoys socializing with friends and going out to explore Houston’s many culinary options.  

Weinstein said Craig Group’s mission is one that speaks to her.

“I’ve experienced situations where sales and marketing weren’t communicating effectively, or the systems weren’t properly aligned, and it hinders the success of marketing efforts,” she said. “I like that Craig Group is a consultancy that is able to really be a part of the overall strategy for a company. It is very satisfying to craft a plan and deliver results.”

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