All About Craig Group Marketing Strategist Macie Allen

Macie Allen, Craig Group Marketing Strategist

Marketing Strategist Macie Allen leads Craig Group’s healthcare and government services accounts, as well as industrial and residential services with both B2B and B2C clientele. 

Working in close collaboration with her clients, Allen implements foundational systems and KPIs for marketing and sales performance measurement in line with aggressive business goals. 

Her leadership in designing metrics-based marketing strategies with a direct impact on sales has been instrumental in the rapid revenue growth that Craig Group’s PE PortCo clients require.

“Taking the time to understand both my clients’ needs and, ultimately, the needs and pain points of their customer is crucial to collaborate effectively and provide solutions that achieve meaningful outcomes,” Allen said.

Before joining Craig Group, Allen led marketing initiatives for St. Luke’s Health Texas Division. She also served as the Director of Strategic Initiatives & Marketing for a biotech company based in Houston.

Allen’s skill in strategy stems from her deep expertise in healthcare consumer marketing. Adept at driving leads across a spectrum of digital and traditional marketing efforts, her experience in segmenting and targeting niche audiences in highly regulated spaces allows for budgetary efficiency with a close eye on ROAS. 

Allen’s colleagues say her genuine desire to understand and connect with people is part of what makes her successful. This authenticity resonates with both team members and clients.

“I enjoy the deep dive in understanding my clients’ prospects to meet them in a way that feels natural and guides them to engage, trust, and buy-in,” Allen explains. “An ad is only as good as the message it sends and the path to conversion.”

Allen says she appreciates Craig Group’s operational efficiency and strategic business approach.

“I can confidently say this is the most skilled team I’ve worked with in my career. The depth of knowledge of each subject matter expert makes swift work of what I’ve seen others stumble through for months, even years.”

She attributes this to a laser focus on what is going to drive the greatest impact first. 

“The team understands what is necessary to do now and what can be prioritized at a later date and works rapidly to drive results,” Allen said. “And by results, I mean revenue, not clicks.”

Allen received her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Texas A&M University, where she helped to develop the advertising program at Mays Business School. Her early career exposed her to a breadth of industries, spanning Automotive, Home Services, Retail, QSR, Events, and Non-Profit.

At home, she enjoys dance parties, “wrestling,” and playing with her three young children and two border collies. When taking time to recharge and reset, she can be found in her studio employing her creative and analytical skills as a realistic portrait artist. 

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