Optimize the sales engine

Takeaways from ACG’s Growth Summit on Optimizing the Sales Engine

By Craig Group | June 17, 2024
At the ACG Growth Summit in Dallas, industry leaders gathered to discuss strategies for optimizing the sales engine—with process, systems and people.
Revenue Growth

Microsoft Money feature: Summer Craig and Craig Group’s Advisory Approach to Sustainable Growth For Portfolio Companies

By Craig Group | June 13, 2024
For private equity firms, driving organic growth within newly acquired portfolio companies is critical.
Summer Craig

CEO Spotlight on Summer Craig in CEOWORLD: Fueling Middle-Market Growth

By Craig Group | May 3, 2024
Summer Craig spoke to CEOWORLD about an Integrated Sales and Marketing Approach for Sustainable Growth
digital marketing in healthcare

Leveraging the Power of Digital Marketing in Health Care

By Craig Group | September 2, 2023

How health care companies – from huge systems down to primary care practices – can launch impactful digital strategies to drive, educate, and engage consumers. There are nearly 1 million health…

Houston Expert: Why You Need to Align Your Strategy with Your Buyer’s Journey

By Craig Group | May 24, 2023

Creating a successful go-to-market strategy involves several crucial steps that help define a company’s target market and potential buyers, as well as the differentiators, the competitors and the value that…

Measuring The Wrong Things Makes Marketing The First Investment To Go

By Craig Group | October 31, 2022
Any job involves putting yourself out there and taking risks. In marketing, where practitioners move between art and science, this is especially true.

Private Equity Firms Turning to Digital Marketing to Make Portfolio Companies Prosper Faster

By Craig Group | August 29, 2022
Firms are scaling up more quickly to grow their portfolio companies. For this, they are turning to digital marketing and demanding generation.
Libby Covington

Houston Expert Weighs In On Marketing From An Investor’s Perspective

By Craig Group | May 13, 2022
Just what do investors want to see from a startup with regards to the company’s marketing? Libby Covington weighs in.

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