Craig Group Revenue Growth Platform As A Service

Through our tech-enabled service and proprietary model, we offer a full suite of advanced and fully customizable analytics and reporting for revealing insights and demonstrating ROI.

Revenue Analytics

Combine revenue data from the CFO with customer data from the CRO to help identify actionable insights

Seamless integration with ERP and CRM platforms

Data enhancement through premium data provider partnerships

PowerBI or Tableau integration

Sales and Marketing integration gaps identification

Predictive insights for future revenue growth

Align marketing and sales resource allocation with key revenue drivers.

Priorities. For those who appreciate bottom lines.

Flexible expertise is the best kind.

We serve middle market, high-growth companies to fill the talent gaps and supercharge their Go-To-Market strategies and execute the plan. We scope and scale accordingly, with fully transparent pricing based on performance or a flat fee.

We speak your language.

Uniquely tenured with operating experience and board savvy EQ, Craig Group brings a proven track record of helping private-equity-backed companies achieve their growth goals—whether it’s capturing market share or positioning for a successful exit.