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While it might seem a big leap to go from being a professional pole vaulter to a career in data and analytics, Craig Group’s Marketing Ops & Analytics Director Jordan Scott said that the lessons of the first apply to the second.

“To succeed in either, you have to move fast,” he said. “You have to do a lot very quickly, but it has to be perfect.”

On an athletic scholarship at the University of Kansas, Scott achieved much success in pole vaulting. He won championships and made it to four U.S. teams. At the same time he became interested in IT and web development after pursuing graphic design in high school.

His diverse skill set and ability to master new technology and tools quickly led Scott to delve further into marketing and sales. Working with interactive entertainment company Swell Spark, he was able to immerse himself in the field. Scott’s experience expanded to include data analytics, engineering, and marketing operations, and he became a team leader in a creative agency, where he embraced the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scott’s knack for providing actionable insights made him a valuable asset. He optimized processes, enhanced project profitability, and fostered collaboration within cross-functional teams.

“I love being able to close the loop and connect the dots,” Scott explained. “Finance teams appreciate my perspective because I can consistently tie together various elements and provide a comprehensive view of revenue growth. Being versatile and able to handle various tasks is what I find most fulfilling.”

At Craig Group, Scott plays a crucial role in tracking and reporting. His responsibilities involve leveraging a host of technology, platforms and tools to streamline and enhance these processes. His input allows revenue teams to extract meaningful insights for strategic decision-making.

“I think it’s very beneficial for one person to be able to see the full picture on tracking and to understand the customer journey from start to end,” he said. 

Scott now performs these tasks for the private-equity-backed companies Craig Group serves across a range of industries.

“It’s a perfect fit for me because our clients see the value of investing in a holistic data strategy,” he said. “And the amount of data compared to a small business allows for much more robust insights and forecasting,” he said.

Scott balances automation and customization by prioritizing quick wins and low-hanging fruit for efficient routine operations. He then addresses remaining customization needs to enhance workflow effectiveness. By understanding the unique needs and concerns of different clients, he can generate the most relevant reports and visualization for a diverse set of stakeholders.

“The way I approach making data actionable is looking at where the client wants to finish and work backwards,” he said. “What problem do they want to solve? What gap do they want to fill? What data do they have? Then we use what’s available to accomplish what we can, while looking for additional information or tools.”

Practical knowledge and technical proficiency in data and analytics amassed over the course of his career is one way Scott sharpened his analytical thinking. But his time as a high-performance athlete helped too.

“Resilience is the main thing,” he said. “Getting back up after setbacks is a mindset ingrained in me early on. I also think the global perspective I gained traveling the world for competitions was important. It helped make me more adaptable and inclusive.”

Outside of work, Scott enjoys cooking, biking, woodworking, and outdoor play with his family.

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