All About Matt Hoffpauir


With a background in graphic design, Matt Hoffpauir’s journey into the world of SEO began when he built one of the first corporate websites for Sundowner Trailer’s Texas division in the late ’90s. Soon the website was generating more sales than the company’s print advertisements and other traditional advertising, drawing notice from his colleagues and competitors alike. 

“I started studying SEO more, and took it very seriously, ” Hoffpauir said. “I could see that this was a huge opportunity and I could create a lot of value for my employers. At the time, search was much easier than it is today. It’s now far more complex, with hundreds of SEO signals to monitor and optimize for. Other companies started reaching out because eighty percent of all my company’s business was coming from the websites and digital marketing that I was creating and optimizing.”

Hoffpauir took his skills to Burkhalter Trailer Sales, Inc., where he developed a holistic SEO and marketing strategy that positioned the company at the top of search results. This resulted in a significant increase in organic online leads and sales. 

Next, as a marketing manager at, the first online horse auction website in the world, Hoffpauir was responsible for market analysis and strategy, communications, social media marketing, SEO, and online advertising. He played a key role in the success of the platform by creating a user-friendly experience and implementing effective marketing strategies.

Recognizing the value of SEO, Matt delved deeper into the field and soon became a sought after digital marketing specialist to help companies improve their online presence. He founded his own company, Apache Interactive, which specializes in providing technical and strategic SEO, marketing automation, digital advertising, social media work, and development solutions.  

As the leader of the SEO team at Craig Group, Matt Hoffpauir ensures that clients have a comprehensive SEO strategy in place. Under his guidance, the team conducts SEO audits, develops strategic plans, performs competitor analysis, and conducts thorough keyword research. 

Hoffpauir excels in optimizing business profiles on platforms like Google Business, crafting search-optimized content, and ensuring exceptional performance of client websites across all devices. He also oversees the implementation of effective link building strategies and provides conversion tracking and analytics analysis to drive success.”

Craig Group’s SEO work has been recognized with a 2023 AVA Digital Platinum Award as well as a 2023 Hermes Creative Gold Award. In addition, the Houston BMA Alliance honored Craig Group with a 2022 Lantern Award.

“Everybody is such an expert in their field at Craig Group,” he said. “I like the variety of clientele that they have, thanks to their strong connections in private equity. The diverse range of projects keeps me engaged and challenged. I get to solve puzzles and overcome unique SEO problems every day.”

Hoffpauir is also devoted to his wife and two children—one biological and one adopted. He previously served on the board of directors for the Adoptive Families of Houston, where he held the position of marketing chair. 

Outside of work and family, Matt indulges another creative passion – music. He plays guitar in a church band and occasionally performs with other bands in the Houston area. 

Hoffpauir’s experience, passion for SEO, and ability to adapt to a variety of clients make him an invaluable asset to Craig Group. His expertise, combined with his love for problem-solving and collaboration, contribute to the team’s success in delivering exceptional results for clients.

“I admire the drive and focus of company leadership,” he said. “Craig Group is growing and whatever new project I get always turns out to be something pretty exciting.”

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