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REE Medical’s high success rate and veteran community following were not enough to meet their aggressive growth goals. In the dark about conversion metrics and operating on disjointed figures of simply total leads and volume of sales, REE was utilizing only short-term marketing tactics with little insight into their success and no follow-through to nurture leads that did not immediately convert to sales.


Craig Group redirected all ad spend being wasted on website visitors who were already searching for the brand, mined their existing database of dormant leads via email & SMS campaigns, and activated their client base with the implementation of a formal referral platform.


To support the digital transformation, Craig Group built a new lead generation-focused website, including all technical implementation for complex lead attribution tracking. Craig Group also fully implemented HubSpot Sales and Marketing Hub to rapidly see performance reporting and executive-level revenue metrics. 


Through Craig Group’s work, REE is now able to make informed decisions on marketing strategy with full visibility into lead attribution, conversion rates, and revenue-based ROI from every marketing channel at scale.

The overhauled ad campaigns have been optimized to allow a faucet of new leads while keeping a steady cost per lead and a growing conversion rate.In ~9 months, Craig Group built a pipeline of fresh leads, achieving 317% over the paid marketing lead goal. Across all paid and organic marketing efforts, REE has seen a 3.3X lead growth YOY. 



increase in lead acquisition YOY


of leads were Marketing Qualified


increase in site traffic


of opportunities converted into sales