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Craig Group’s leadership enabled a leading provider of ABA services to reach more families living with autism


Craig Group partnered with an ABA therapy service provider for a multi-channel campaign targeting its core audience: caregivers and/or parents for children with ASD. Specifically, Craig Group was enlisted to build a go-to-market strategy with the objective of doubling the company’s website traffic.


This campaign drove a new monthly average of 40K site sessions, up 166% from the pre-campaign average of 15K sessions per month. Additionally, more than 1MM unique Meta users were reached and 200 direct calls were initiated from call-enabled ad units.


This leading provider of ABA services is a network of clinics providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Their mission is to change the world for children with autism through providing individualized, high-quality ABA therapy to children and families. 

In 2018 the company was acquired by global investment firm KKR and experienced significant growth through additional acquisitions. As a result of this expansion, they looked to invest in marketing to increase awareness of the brand to patients and referring physicians in existing and new markets.


Since the provider had 176 locations, each required a tailored strategy. Craig Group created a market segmentation strategy to determine budget and to pinpoint which markets could benefit from owned marketing only and which ones needed paid media to see growth. 

From here, Craig Group layered in executional elements to achieve the growth needs for each quadrant. The strategy for a Large Market with a ‘De Novo (high growth)’ need might include high reach/frequency tactics of Audience targeted Facebook/Instagram, Physician targeted LinkedIn and ABA focused search. On the other end of spectrum, the plan for Small Towns with a ‘Maintenance’ need was a Customer relationship management (CRM) and ABA focused search. 

One of the key reasons this company chose to work with Craig Group was the firm’s use of digital platform technology that allows for Meta and Google’s AI to determine the best performing graphic, copy and headline by specific audience. 

Craig Group used a variety of engaging imagery that showed young children in therapy environments using bright colors and joyful expressions. Meta and Google’s AI auto optimized these images for four options of copy blocks and headlines to determine which creative combination led to the highest site visitation rate. 


The multi-channel campaign targeted the company’s core audience of caregivers and/or parents for children with ASD and referring physicians. It covered 32 centers and ran through two platforms (Facebook and Google) across 10 designated market areas.  

In the months leading up to the campaign launch in April, the overall average site traffic was at 7.8k in January, 12.7k in February, and 13.8k in March.

In April, there were 26k total site sessions from digital media channels, the highest reported month to date. The social portion of the campaign was able to reach close to 700k unique users on Facebook and 10K on Google Search across targeted cities. Sessions from Facebook increased by over 100% while sessions from Google Ads increased by 30%.

Dynamic Ads that changed in order to adapt content and promotions specifically to each user had the most success in earning clicks, while traditional ads that used terms like “heart”, “compassionate”, and “support” also performed well.

The auto optimization of ad images by Meta and Google’s AI determined which creative combination led to the highest site visitation rate. The most successful art board drove more than 6,000 site sessions.

Brand and Service keywords continued to drive the most amount of clicks. All creatives were above the 2021 benchmark Click Through Rate FB/IG of 0.73%.

“Being able to utilize a market segmentation strategy and apply data to refine an ongoing campaign is paramount to its success,” said Craig Group founder Summer Craig. “This approach allowed our client to reach more of the families who could really benefit from their help.”

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