The Evolution of B2B Sales and Marketing: Is AI part of your strategy?

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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires constant innovation.  One such adoption is Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, which refers to the ability of machines, particularly computer systems, to imitate and perform tasks that typically require human intelligence.  This technology includes a wide range of applications such as expert…

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Business to Business (B2B) vs. Business to Consumer (B2C) Data Analysis: Implications for B2B Marketing and Sales Strategies

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When focusing on revenue growth in business to business companies, analyzing data to develop and optimize strategies is one of the biggest factors in sales and marketing success. However, the process of evaluating B2B data differs significantly from that of B2C. B2C analysis is often straightforward, focusing on consumer behavior and e-commerce transactions. Unlike B2C,…

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Leveraging the Power of Digital Marketing in Health Care

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How health care companies – from huge systems down to primary care practices – can launch impactful digital strategies to drive, educate, and engage consumers. There are nearly 1 million health care companies in the U.S., making this industry a competitive marketplace where consumers have the advantage. And top of mind for health care consumers is accessibility,…

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Five Strategies for CRO Success

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Within the past few years, a new role has gained prominence in the world of private equity-backed companies—the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Unlike traditional organizational structures where various groups are responsible for revenue, the CRO takes responsibility for the oversight and coordination of all revenue-related functions.  The CRO is hired to be a change agent…

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All About Matt Hoffpauir

With a background in graphic design, Matt Hoffpauir’s journey into the world of SEO began when he built one of the first corporate websites for Sundowner Trailer’s Texas division in the late ’90s. Soon the website was generating more sales than the company’s print advertisements and other traditional advertising, drawing notice from his colleagues and…

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All About Debbie Weinstein

Craig Group, Marketing Strategist It was a social research class at UT Austin that sparked Debbie Weinstein’s interest in marketing research and consumer insights.  “We had to work on a research project that involved interviewing people on campus and analyzing the results,” she said. “I enjoyed the process of understanding why people make certain choices…

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