Increasing Visibility and Generating Leads Through a Strategic SEO Campaign


Craig Group helped FV Recycling target broader search phrases and specific geographic areas, while tracking KPIs for organic and paid search success.


FV Recycling is a provider of recycling services for a range of businesses, including manufacturing, warehousing, retail and big box stores, government and municipalities. They specialize in recycling cardboard, paper, plastic and aluminum. The company also works as a broker to help businesses sell their recyclable materials. 

Based in Mississippi, the company serves an additional seven states. In a competitive marketplace, FV Recycling needed to boost their search engine rankings to be more visible to potential customers and to bring in leads.


  • The first month of the campaign brought a 100% in organic traffic
  • Over the following nine months, organic traffic increased another 48%
  • 150% increase in organic conversions
  • Page 1 Google rankings for (85) eighty five branded and non-branded keyword phrases 
  • 26% increase in tracked keyword visibility


There are dozens of commercial recycling companies throughout the Southeast United States, many of whom use paid advertising on search engines. With so much competition, FV Recycling decided to partner with Craig Group for a strategic approach to their SEO campaign.

The goal of the FV Recycling SEO campaign was to increase FV Recycling web traffic by ranking for a broader range of relevant search phrases, and to bring in new traffic and leads from specific geographic areas. This involved optimizing the FV Recycling website for organic search performance, as well as utilizing paid search advertising.

The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that Craig Group tracked to measure the success of their SEO campaign included organic search impressions, organic clicks, keyword rank improvements, and increases in organic conversions. For paid search, Craig Group tracked site sessions and conversions.


Craig Group took action to boost FV Recycling’s organic performance by improving their on-site and off-site linking, optimizing their content with relevant phrases, suiting Google’s NPL (natural language AI), and creating new pages focused on specific geographic regions.

Craig Group ensured that all appropriate pages were crawled and indexed, meaning that the pages were recognized and added to a search for given topics. If Google did not do this automatically, Craig Group would submit the pages manually.

Other work included improving Google properties, such as Google Business, by using optimal copy in descriptions, selecting appropriate categories, and adding image meta content to help geographic targeting.

Craig Croup also launched a paid search campaign to complement their organic SEO efforts.


Over a nine month period, FV Recycling saw a 100%+ increase in organic search volume and a 150% increase in organic conversions. Their Google Ads showed a higher click-through rate than the industry average. Eighty-five branded and non-branded phrases brought page one Google results and there was a 26% increase in tracked keyword visibility.

FV Recycling’s organic impressions increased by 44.8%, and their overall search position improved by 4 points. The paid search campaign for the company also showed a 318% increase in conversions.

FV Recycling’s campaign allowed them to reach more people in a broader geographic area and provided measurable results.



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