All About Craig Group Graphic Designer Wendy Macomber

Wendy Macomber

Graphic Design Consultant Wendy Macomber is both literally and figuratively, a font of inspiration for Craig Group’s creative team. With her sharp eye for design and knack for finding inspiration everywhere, Macomber elevates the go-to-market campaigns of Craig Group’s clients.

Macomber got her start in graphic design at Scholastic Publishing where she created tangible impact. She has designed and developed brand identities, websites, advertisements, design systems, and sales collateral in both boutique agencies and corporate settings. Her clients include a variety of national companies and nonprofits.

Her portfolio features award-winning designs that highlight her skill in illustration in both printed and digital materials. Working across multiple industries, marketing and advertising, health, publishing, and branding, Macomber offers a depth of expertise to uniquely serve Craig Group’s diverse clientele.

Guiding the creative vision is a skill set Macomber has honed over time: branding & identity expertise, graphic design acumen, and a “go-getter” attitude.

Macomber thrives in the full creative process. From nurturing a brand from scratch, to revamping an existing brand image, she embraces the overall vision. 

“I love doing the internal work because I love branding, and it’s nice to come into a brand and see what’s been done in the past and then take it to the next level,” she said. 

Customizing Designs for Client Success

Offering a signature three-option approach to project ideas guarantees that clients understand the full scope of the project.This method ensures they have an active role in curating the brand personality.

“It’s about having a clear idea of what the client wants,” she said. “Whether it’s a mom and pop or a corporate entity.” 

Macomber is involved in a number of day-to-day design projects for a wide range of Craig Group clients. 

“I love starting from scratch because it gives me total freedom,” Macomber said. “The client is always right. I enjoy the back and forth necessary to get a project over the finish line.”

Adaptability comes naturally to Wendy. She can easily adjust her creative process to suit the unique needs of B2B and B2C clients. 

“In B2B, there’s more of an expectation for a comprehensive grasp of the pain points of the customer,” Macomber explains.

Her ability to express tone through innovative illustrations, headlines, and digital materials speaks to her grasp of the nuances of each brand. 

“Something special happens when you can take a company, create a campaign, and then apply it to all different facets,” she said.

What drew her to Craig Group was the diversity of clients and projects, along with the opportunity to engage in branding and explore various styles. In her role, Macomber has leveraged her creative IQ to infuse new life into client campaigns.

For Macomber, learning never stops. She continues to pursue certifications, courses, and new design techniques to remain at the forefront of her industry. By incorporating new tools like Canva alongside her Adobe Creative Suite expertise, she equips herself to meet her clients’ evolving needs.

Craig Group is a revenue growth advisor for middle-market, private-equity-backed portfolio companies. 

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