All About Craig Group Web Developer Nick Sergent

Nick Sergent

Nick Sergent, the versatile Graphic Designer/Web Developer at Craig Group, has developed a unique approach to his craft—one that’s deeply rooted in his global experiences. 

The native Texan has lived in both Australia and Argentina, taking creative inspiration from new environments. His time abroad has shown him the importance of different perspectives, a lesson he brings to every project. Sergent knows how to create effective logos, headers, and branding that resonate with clients, giving each design a deep sense of authenticity.

Sergent’s wide-ranging career – which covers all areas of media, voice-overs, web development, and graphic design – allows him to draw from a wealth of experience to create one-of-a-kind designs for Craig Group clients.

“I think I have a well rounded approach to designing things,” Nick explains. “I take into account all the various ways to communicate with customers or clients, which enables me to create more effective work.”

Innovative Solutions and Client Impact

As a Senior Graphic Designer at Dell Technologies, Sergent worked on high-profile projects and pushed creative boundaries. In his own company, he specializes in print and digital design, branding and identity, and WordPress site set up/optimization. 

A favorite project was creating media assets for Amazon Web Services re:Invent conference. This involved placing advertisements throughout the airport, including the taxi lane, as well as static ads on the walls.

Sergent works closely with Craig Group’s B2B clients on a number of components of their GTM campaigns, often juggling multiple projects. The ability to work quickly and efficiently while still producing eye-catching designs comes naturally to Sergent.

His creative process starts with understanding the client’s taste, ideal branding, and project direction. He reviews past projects the client has liked to establish a solid foundation on which to build new creative elements. Sergent says taking the time to understand the client’s needs and preferences makes for a more productive collaboration. 

“Feedback from clients is very beneficial,” he said. “Even a brief indication of direction allows me to carry projects forward successfully.”

Adept at Adobe Creative Suite, Sergent is also keeping tabs on how advancements in AI can help him do his job. 

“There are benefits and limitations of AI in the creative process,” he said. 

With knowledge of new systems and programs, he can adjust and pivot his methodology to suit individual client needs. 

Ultimately, Sergent’s cornerstone for every task is his marketing savvy, arming Craig Group clients to confront the essential questions: Who’s our audience? What’s our central message? How do we deliver it with maximum impact?

In his free time, Sergent enjoys the electronic music scene and frequently attends shows and festivals.

Craig Group is a revenue growth advisor for middle-market, private-equity-backed portfolio companies. 

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