Developing In House Marketing Resources To Improve Results

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Providing expert guidance to fast track strategic marketing

A new service of the Craig Group grew out of the need of one of their recent clients.

Calibrate Legal, a law firm consultant and recruiting leader for legal executives, recently hired the Craig Group to help them with strategic marketing.

They also brought on a new marketing associate to help carry out the plan, as their first ever full time marketing resource. But there was still a gap.

“The associate is very talented but didn’t have the experience to implement the plan on the timetable that the CEO wanted,” said Craig Group Partner Libby Covington. “They enlisted Craig Group to help her get up to speed.”

Over a period of four months, Covington worked with the associate in the areas of client research and evaluations, content development, database management, online marketing, and public relations, as well as a modification of the customer acquisition process and a strategic review of sales opportunities.

The goal was to expand on Calibrate’s reputation as a leader in the consulting field and to differentiate the company both to talent and to the top law firms in the country looking to fill executive positions.


Covington’s role was one of advisor, albeit one who was helping to craft the strategic plan and could most efficiently counsel the in-house associate in the best way to approach the different initiatives. As digital marketing was a focus, Covington’s expertise in the field was an asset to jump start the programs.

“The Craig Group team was able to help our fast-growing company build and ramp up our strategic marketing plan quickly,” said Calibrate CEO Jennifer Johnson. “By working with our recently hired in-house marketing resource, the onboarding of that role and implementation of the plan is going very smoothly and The Craig Group has been an important extension to our team.”

Covington credits Calibrate for hiring the in-house help to get them where they wanted to go quickly.

“Many companies get a plan but then don’t dedicate anyone to implement it and track its success,” Covington said. “Calibrate invested in the staff and ensured that the associate had the tools and coaching that she needed to be effective.”

While the associate could do much of the work in house, the company did outsource for some of the technical SEO work. Content creation and content management, as well as all outreach to and research on targeted talent and firms, was managed in-house.

For Covington, staying in the loop has allowed her to see the progress that continues to be made. Calibrate’s marketing plan has launched into the marketplace driving higher web traffic and engagement on their website.

“We took a lot of time coming up with action items and prioritizing the steps,” Covington said. “Seeing the implementation is very fulfilling. I’m excited for the direction the company is going and look forward to their continued success.”


A plan on a shelf is not helpful to anyone

By implementing the marketing plan, Calibrate now has a clearer idea of who their clients are and what they want. The company is also better able to position their own experts in the field as sought after consultants and recruiters.

They can build a really compelling campaign around the perspective of their customers,” Covington said, “whether they share it in person at conferences and events, or through webinars and other digital marketing.”

Calibrate also recently undertook a comprehensive survey about diversity in law firms around the country that will further position them as an expert in the industry.

“Market knowledge is a true differentiator in recruiting and consulting,” Covington said. “Calibrate is now poised to share all the knowledge they do have in a very targeted way.”

 Craig Group is currently working with a second client in a similar advisory capacity, with similar success.
“I call it the secret sauce,” Covington said. “This kind of service to ramp in house talent is a great value add for a company’s growth.”

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