Revenue Growth Strategies for Success in a Tough Deal Market: 4 Key Moves to Boost Profitability in 2024

Revenue Growth Strategy Meeting

Navigating the complexities of the current private equity deal market requires a strategic mindset and a laser focus on maximizing profitability. Now is the time to reevaluate and strengthen a company’s revenue growth strategies. Making some key adjustments to operations, sales, and marketing tactics will drive revenue and also enhance EBITDA. 

A winning strategy is about making smart choices, prioritizing investments in the right channels, and ultimately ensuring that every move contributes to the bottom line. In this blog, we’ll explore four approaches to achieve that goal.

#1 Strategic Outbound Activities

In the midst of a holding pattern, it’s important to explore strategic outbound activities, especially for companies navigating tight budgets. Implementing email automation tools, even without a full-fledged CRM system, can make an impact. What about an automatic referral program, turning existing clients into advocates who can refer new business?

This can be executed through user-friendly platforms like Mailchimp or more sophisticated tools such as HubSpot, depending on the company’s resources. Minimal investments in writing emails, creating content, and structuring the program, even with limited manpower, can strengthen the customer base and potentially lead to additional sales without major financial commitments.

#2 Optimizing Your Digital Presence

Now is also a good time to reassess the digital presence of a business. Take a fresh look at the company website – is it optimized for lead generation? Investing in a professional, user-friendly website can enhance the company’s valuation down the road. 

Prioritize technology and operations that facilitate a frictionless experience for consumers, making it easier for leads to convert into sales. This upfront investment can pay off by adding value to the business when it comes time to sell.

#3 Automation in Sales

To streamline sales operations, leverage automation tools that complement a sales team’s efforts. While automation tools may not completely replace human interaction, they offer a smart way to minimize expenses. 

Consider using automated text technology for lead nurturing before human intervention becomes necessary. This approach allocates resources strategically, potentially shifting that nurturing role to Business Development Representatives (BDRs) and using more experienced sales representatives for in-depth product information and closing deals.

One such tool is Sakari, a communication tool designed to enhance the efficiency of sales processes. Specifically, it automates text messaging to leads after a salesperson has emailed them. This approach enables the sales team to reach out more effectively and at a faster pace than manual efforts. The result? A more efficient and responsive process.

#4 Focus on Profitability, Not Just Revenue

In a holding period, it’s a must to shift the focus from sheer revenue to profitability. Understand which clients contribute the most to the company’s bottom line, focusing not only on revenue but also on profit margins. If this groundwork hasn’t been laid, bring in an analyst to review the data. Look for patterns such as high-profit margins in specific regions or industry verticals.

Armed with this information, the sales team can focus efforts on attracting clients that contribute the most to profitability. This shift ensures that the company is not just chasing volume but is actively pursuing the most lucrative opportunities.

Positioning for Long-Term Success

Strategic investments and a keen focus on efficiency can pave the way for sustained profitability, even in the toughest of deal climates.

By prioritizing low-cost outbound activities, optimizing your digital presence, incorporating sales automation, and focusing on economic viability, your business can not only weather challenging times but also emerge stronger and more resilient in the face of market uncertainties. 

For strategies on how to maximize profitability through sales and marketing, visit Craig Group, a revenue growth advisor for middle-market, private-equity-backed portfolio companies.

Author: Summer Craig

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