Specialized Company Wanted A More Intelligent Sales Funnel


Craig Group helped computer vision company Matroid identify and appeal to the industries best suited for their unique product


Matroid, a company that creates and deploys computer vision models to search visual media for people, behavior, objects, and events, wanted Craig Group to help them generate more sales leads. Although the company is interested in quality leads over quantity, they wanted Craig to help them grow their business by identifying other industries that could use their AI.


Craig Group designed a custom dashboard that it tailors for each client. The dashboard can process multiple data streams and in Matroid’s case it allows for a weekly breakdown of trends, leads and the keywords that drove those leads.


Matroid has a technology that can be used in many industries, including construction, manufacturing, security, media, retail and other industries. It utilizes technologies that can detect human activity as well as manufacturing defects and much more. Most people who find the company online are somewhat knowledgeable about the tech, but not all.

The company wanted to better understand the viability of their online leads. A more intelligent sales funnel, tracking leads from beginning to end, would allow Matroid to know what industry or area a lead came in from, by identifying the keywords they used.


Craig Group is running a lead generation campaign for Matroid on the media side that integrates the sales team feedback. Craig Group is helping them manage their intake of leads as well as the way they run their search campaign. 

First, Craig Group helped Matroid define the audience for their product. Although the software has a variety of different applications, there are some industries that are more high value than others.  

They did this through multiple touchpoints, but since Matroid is new to the paid media space, Craig Group researched the market and the search inquiries that had the most relevance and volume.  This allowed them to see where the audience met with Matroid’s vast application to find leads.

Then, Craig Group created SEO optimized landing pages that aligned with different types of accounts that were either industry specific or technology specific. The pages used ‘computer vision’ keywords and clearly identified how Matroid’s technology could be expanded into new applications.

Through keyword targeting on Google, using responsive and expanding text, Craig Group and Matroid could appeal to specific clients. And using programmatic media – or automated technology for media buying that utilizes data insights and algorithms – also helped to target with precision.

Concurrently, Craig Group is helping Matroid develop a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to track leads through the sales funnel and feed insights back to marketing. Further plans call for ads in awareness channels such as LinkedIn and YouTube. Craig Group has also consulted on the rebuild of the Matroid website to optimize SEO and tagging.


Craig Group is helping Matroid build an infrastructure that allows them to garner more profitable leads, appeal to a broader range of high value clients, and track and manage these leads intelligently to then feed information for optimized campaign targeting.

“We work actively to respond to the results within our search campaign to ascertain what was bringing in leads and what wasn’t,” said Craig Group Vice President Tricia Eaton. “The responsive management has helped the sales team better understand what the client journey is. The map built from this data will allow them to ramp up in a strategic way.”

“Craig Group has rapidly transformed our marketing efforts through overall strategy, content creation, advertising, and many other marketing functions we were missing in-house.”

Reza Zadeh, Matroid Founder and CEO
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